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ScaleUp Social
Outdated Agency
OnboardingOnboarded in 3-5 daysOnboarded in 7-14 days
PricingFixed Monthly SubscriptionBase Fee + Ad Spend % 💸
CreativeCreative driven strategyCreatives are secondary to quick tatics
File SystemModern DashboardGoogle Sheets
TeamVetted ExpertsVetted Experts
BillingSelf Mangaged easy billingManual Invoicing
CancelationCancel anytime within the monthLocked into to long contracts
Creative ApprovalsMonday.comGoogle Sheets / Docs

Take a look inside your dashboard

Every customer is provided with a master dashboard. Everything you need is in one place. Saving you time and money.

Here you will find links to all of your most important accounts, as well as an overview of your Monday tasks and creative approvals.

ScaleUp Subscription Benifts

All the tools you need to scale your business. We have you covered.

Fixed Pricing

Enjoy predictable and stable pricing with no hidden fees, ideal for budget-conscious businesses

Dedicated Experts

Gain access to a team of specialized marketing professionals dedicated to your account for personalized support.

Bespoke Dashboard

Centralize all your marketing efforts in one master dashboard, ensuring organized and accessible campaign management.

Team Mangement

Efficiently manage your marketing team's activities and roles through our user-friendly interface.

Growth Focused

Focus on scalable strategies designed to accelerate your business growth and expand market reach

Monday Boards

Leverage interactive Monday Boards for seamless team collaboration and effective project management.


How It Works: A Clear Path Through Our Process

Choose a plan

Select the ideal plan that aligns with your business goals, offering tailored marketing solutions for diverse needs.

Complete Onboarding

Begin your journey with a smooth onboarding process, setting the foundation for a strong marketing partnership.

Tailored Strategy

Develop a customized marketing strategy, crafted to address your unique business challenges and opportunities.

Ongoing Optimization

Engage in continuous optimization of your campaigns for peak performance, ensuring long-term marketing success.

Our Clients Case Studies

Success Stories from Clients Who Implemented the Scale-Up System in businesses just like yours!


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